Tension shower curtain rods do not leave holes in your walls
Installation is a snap when you have a tension shower rod

Tension shower curtain rods generally use a spring to apply force between the rod and wall which keeps the shower rod in place. Shower rods that use tension to keep them secured to the wall are not permanent and can be removed at any time without leaving screw holes in your walls. These smart looking shower curtain rods enhance the appearance of your bathroom. They are easy to install and take down when needed.

A shower curtain rod which uses tension can be installed without the use of tools so it is very convenient for most people to put up. There are two different types of tension shower curtain rods on the market. Both apply pressure to the wall. The most common one uses an internal spring to exert a force against the wall while the second type has an adjustable end which is screwed out, slightly expanding the rods length which then applies pressure against the wall and holds the rod up.

Rods come in lengths from 36 up to 72 inches long. If you are considering putting up a heavy shower curtain, make sure your curtain rod contains a strong spring. These rods are available in a couple of colors such as ivory, white and a number of metal finishes such as brass, copper and chrome.
These rods generally sell in normal and stall sizes. Most of these types of rods come in one size that can fit a number of different lengths. Make sure you know the length that you will need your rod to be and ensure you purchase the correct size. These tension shower curtain rods will give you a good idea of what is on the market.