Steam Shower

Relax in a steam shower at the end of the day

Feel your body becoming refreshed

I experienced a steam shower in a hotel one weekend and it was a great time. Reminded me of a wet sauna. It was hot, relaxing and quite a novel adventure. New designs produce steam quite quickly and you can offer your guests a different experience when they are staying over at your house. Simply put, in the past, spas were the only place you might find steam showers but now you can find one right upstairs in your master bathroom. With a residential steam shower, you can relax while your body’s pores open up due to the heat and clean themselves. You leave your shower feeling rejuvenated.

While it looks like a shower, the steam head is a bit different and the entire area is enclosed instead of generally being open at the top like a regular shower. With that being said, be sure to have the correct ceiling over your steam shower. As the steam condenses onto the ceiling eventually it will drip down. Design your ceiling so that it will not drip down on you. You do not want cold water dripping on you while you enjoy your hot steam shower. So before you build a steam shower get some bathroom design ideas. Washing your hair in a steam only shower may be a little difficult so you will likely want to have a shower that offers both water and steam.

While buying a steam shower, you could also convert your standard shower into a steam shower by purchasing a steam generator shown below. With the steam generators, you can add your own essential oils to get a true spa experience.


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Steam showers are a little bit more costly and complicated than regular showers but they provide a different experience. If you are in the market for a steam shower, check out the merchants listed below. They are sure to provide you with the type of information you are looking for. Also remember that steam is hot and you always need to ensure you are operating the system correctly so that you do not get burnt.