Shower Stalls

Shower stalls can fit into small places

The choice is up to your imagination and budget

A shower stall gives you options. Even in small bathrooms, there should be a way to add a shower stall so that you can enjoy a steaming hot shower anytime you want one. Whether you are looking to add a second shower to relieve the morning congestion generally associated with having only one shower in your home or want to update your current shower such that it offers more spa like features, there is a shower enclosure out there for you.

There are a number of different types of shower stalls currently available on the market. While most people are familiar with the standard shower/bathtub combination, you can now purchase a steam shower, showers built for two or showers that feature many different types of shower heads. These new types of showers can really increase your enjoyment of what many consider to be just another way to get clean.

What is available today

Shower stalls also come in many different styles which is why you should be able to find one to suit your needs. Common shapes of shower stalls are neo angle, square, rectangle, corner and round. You can also buy doorless showers or showers which are lipless. Of course you can also find outdoor camp showers, as well as special showers for the handicapped.

Shower stalls are generally molded pieces of plastic which fit into your bathroom and use a plastic or glass shower door or curtain to keep the water off of your floor. A shower enclosure can consist of a single molded piece of plastic or a shower base and three sides and a door or curtain. Once installed, a shower made of molded plastic generally has less cracks and crevices and is therefore easier to maintain than one that consists of four pieces of plastic fastened together.

Another common sight is to find glass shower stalls with one or two glass sides and the other sides made of ceramic tile. These stalls are generally built right into the bathroom and tend to have ceramic floors as well.


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Shower Basics

While small shower stalls are the norm, with sides measuring approximately 2.5 to 5 feet, ones which comfortable fit two people and are up to 6 feet long are also available. Of course you can also build a unique shower which is designed just for your bathroom. The smaller shower stalls generally have hinged doors or use a shower curtain suspended on a curtain rod as the way to gain access to the shower. Larger showers can have either a hinged or sliding door and some of the newer designs or custom made showers are doorless. Also, by switching to one of the many frameless shower doors available can add a bit more elegance to your bathroom.

A modern shower stall generally has a number of conveniences built into it when it is designed. Some things to look out for, prior to purchasing your shower stall, are soap and shampoo holders, towel racks, shower bar and even built in shower chairs which allow the user to sit down while having a shower.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom and shower and not quite sure of what you are doing, it might help you if you could see how an expert in the area would approach the subject. Before you make a major change that you may regret check out these ideas on planning and designing a new bathroom.

Need More Information

When looking for shower stalls in most store show rooms there is a limited amount of information on what to buy and the choices that are available can be immense. Before you decide to make a purchase to redesign your bathroom, make sure you know what you are looking for, the size, length and width