Shower Squeegee

A shower squeegee helps keep your shower door clean

Using a shower squeegee every day can save you hours of hard work

A shower squeegee is likely the answer to your shower door challenges. Tired of cleaning that white film that forms over time on your clear, glass, shower door? Used on a daily basis after every shower a window cleaning squeegee will remove the residual water that ultimately evaporates and leaves spots and a thin film on your glass shower door. Quick, easy to use and taking only about 20 seconds to do, the bathroom shower squeegee can keep your shower doors free and clear of water stains for an extended period of time.

The shower squeegee is a simple bathroom tool that comes in two main styles – with and without a handle. They basically do the same thing – remove water from your shower door and are appreciated by two different types of users. The handle free squeegee is easier to use on curved surfaces as it is smaller and can easily follow curves. The squeegee with a handle is easier to hang onto and is best used for cleaning flat shower doors. Most window squeegees contain a rubber edge which, when dragged across a wet surface, removes the water from the surface.

You can use your window squeegee either right after you take your shower or after you are dried off and dressed. It is a lot simpler and faster when you just grab the squeegee after the shower and clean the water off of the door.


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Shower squeegees can be purchased from any number of vendors. Amazon will give you a bit more information on the shower squeegee as well as a number of different models to choose from.