Shower Rods

Shower rods for all types of shower stalls are available
Add a degree of elegance to your bathroom with a new shower rod

Shower rods are used to suspend your shower curtain. They reside about 6 to 7 feet above your bathtub or in the door of your shower stall. Most shower rods have a metal finish but you can purchase them in a number of other colors as well. One easy way to change the color is to purchase a plastic shower rod cover. This has two advantages, you can quickly change the color and also cover up any scratches or rust which is on your shower rod.

There are a number of different ways to attach shower rods to your wall. One of the easiest is to purchase a rod which has one fixed end and one end that screws in and out. Once the rod length is cut or purchased to the approximate length, then just screw the moveable end until the rod fits snuggly between the walls. Another type of rod uses tension and generally has a spring in it. You push the moveable end back, put the rod in place and then release. The tension in the spring holds the rod in place. Both of these methods leave no holes in your wall. Finally, you can permanently fasten the rod to the wall using screws and a bracket.


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There are a number of different shapes on the market now as well. The standard straight shower rod is quickly being replaced by the curved or crescent shower rod. As featured above, dual or double shower rods are also available which have two tracks instead of one. All of these rods come in a number of different finishes including: gold, chrome, nickel, bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel and a variety of colors.

Shower rods are not that expensive and should last a lifetime. If however yours is rusted, you are looking for a color change or are looking for a new one, check out these shower rods.