Shower Radios

Shower radios let you listen to what you want when you want

Get a head start on your day with a good quality shower radio

Shower radios which you can take right into the shower are a useful item. Whether you are starting off your morning or taking a leisurely shower in the middle of the day listening to a radio in your shower may be just what you are looking for. Does traffic slow you down in the morning? Now you can plan your route to work before you get out of the shower. You can start planning your day with the information that the radio brings you. Also, these economical, water-resistant radios make great gifts.

The bathroom or shower radios that are currently on the market offer many advantages. Most are water-resistant, light weight, portable and run on batteries. Current models have the capability to bring in AM/FM broadcasts – digital tuning will likely be a plus here, contain a CD player capable of playing a variety of formats, bring in select TV channels, can be used with an iPod, can be hung from the shower head or wall mounted. Many also feature a fog free mirror on the front to assist you in shaving or other grooming requirements. Another popular option is a clock built right into the shower radio so that you are always aware of the time.

Caution – never bring anything with electricity into a shower

With the popularity of the iPod you can now also pick up speakers which will work in the shower for your iPod. Generally you will find these systems hold the iPod in a waterproof compartment. As with all shower radios, you should not expose these systems to direct water.

It is advisable to read the reviews of the products you are considering. Low end shower radios are just like any other low end product. There are shower radios on the market that have terrible reception and reviews while others have excellent reviews. Many of these radios are water-resistant which means they should not be in the direct line of the shower spray. As with any electronic device it is a good idea to read the manufactures direction before operating it.

There is a shower radio out there for you.


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When you are looking for one of the best shower radios or are ready to investigate a high quality radio now, one of the highest rated shower radios based on customer feedback is the Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker.

When this is not the radio player you are looking for, keep looking as there are a lot of options on the market now.