Shower Enclosures

Small Shower Enclosures Work

Choose the size, shape and style of your next shower enclosure

Shower enclosures are an elegant and easy way to add a shower to your bathroom. The general shower stall package consists of a base, wall panels and door. One of the biggest advantages of a well made shower enclosure is the elimination of mold from around your shower. The wall panels of the modern shower are generally made with a one piece molded plastic or you can choose to use another wall covering such as ceramic tile. Both of these wall coverings provide a visual pleasing appearance and best of all they are easy to clean and maintain.

The most popular enclosures vary in size from the smallest corner (2 feet by 2 feet) to large sit down (6 feet by 4 feet). In fact, the larger ones can easily accommodate two people. Small shower stalls come in a number of different types including: corner, stand alone and wall units.

If you have a small area in which you want to put a corner shower stall in you may want to start by looking at the ones featured below. These small bathroom shower stalls should be able to fit into one of your tight places.

These small shower enclosures measure 29.5″ x 33 3/8″ up to 33 3/8″ x 33 3/8″

Generally shower enclosures are manufactured with a door, wall panels and a base although some people just purchase a door and tile the rest of the shower. You can also choose to build a mosaic shower stall and turn your shower into an oasis. The wall panels in most budget shower enclosures are generally made of plastic or fiberglass while ceramic tiles are used in the top of the line shower stalls.

The wall panels will come either as a single piece or as three pieces. One of the major advantages of the one piece unit is the essential elimination of leaking water. Unless the side panel cracks you are unlikely to get water in behind the wall panels. In units where each side panel is separate prior to installation there is always the possibility of getting water leaks when the seal is damaged or not quite aligned. You can also get shower enclosures where the base and wall unit are all one piece virtually eliminating the possibility of any seals leaking.


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Once you have the enclosure you now need a shower door. While most showers come as a complete package some manufacturers allow you to purchase your shower door separately. The door for your shower enclosure can come in a number of different varieties. Glass doors are the most elegant. You can get glass which is clear, with a design, translucent, frosted and raindrop to name a few.

Shower enclosures come in so many styles and price points that you should be able to find one for any budget. A simple shower stall is generally in the 200 to 300 dollar range while the more expensive ones run up to thousands of dollars.

Knowing the size and style of shower enclosure is one of the first major tasks that the new buyer has. Once you know this take a look at the slide show above to see if you can find a shower enclosure which suits your vision.