Shower Door Sweep

A shower door sweep may fix your leaky shower

A shower door sweep is the piece of rubber like material that goes under the shower door between the floor and door. It creates a waterproof seal between the door and bathroom floor or shower sill. If you are finding a lot of water on the floor near your shower door then it is likely that you would benefit from installing a a sweep for your door. In some cases, adding a sweep to the vertical section of the door may make sense as it could help keept the water in the shower where it belongs.

A shower sweep is generally made of rubber and are sold by the foot. Expect to pay about two to five dollars per foot of sweep material depending on the qualigy. Sweeps are generally between one half to one and a half inches tall. When you are buying a new shower door check out the sweep that comes with it. It may be worth the extra effort to pick up at least one spare just in case you have a hard time replacing it when it wears out. When replacing the sweep, you should be able to slide the old one out and replace it with the new one by sliding the new one into place. Please read the manufactures directions if you are having problems.


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Not all sweeps fit all door. Before ordering make sure you know the type of sweep that fits your door. To give you a few ideas on the types of shower door sweeps on the market click on the pictures above. Make sure you know the length of sweep you need prior to ordering.