Extra Wide Shower Curtain

An extra wide shower curtain can be up to fifteen feet long

Get new options with an extra wide shower curtain

An extra wide shower curtain might just be what you are looking for if you have an old style tub and want to add a shower onto it. Using one shower curtain to form a wall completely around the tub will allow you to enjoy the added conviencience of a shower without remodeling your bathroom. Extra wide shower curtains also come in handy if your are designing a shower for someone who is handicapped or if you just want a shower to occupy a large area.

An extra wide shower curtain generally is used when you are building a corner shower and are looking for a shower curtain instead of a glass barrier. In this case, to fit a standard L shaped shower rod which is typically about 93 inches in length (66″ long and 27″ wide) you would need a shower curtain which is at least 93″ long to ensure water stays within the showering area. It is difficult to find an extra wide shower curtain. A standard shower curtain is about 60 inches long or 5 feet. Anything longer than this can be concidered extra wide, but an extra wide shower curtain is generally used to enclose two sides of a shower or the whole shower. You can check out what widths are available by looking at this extra wide shower curtain.
Extra wide shower curtain
Extra wide shower curtain with a vinly window for extra light