Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains Can Make or Break Your Bathroom

Want to change the look of your bathroom – change the shower curtain

Shower curtains can change the atmosphere in your bathroom quicker and easier than making any other modification.  In about five minutes you can quickly replace your old shower curtain with a more vibrant one, one designed to celebrate a special occasion or one that contains just about any other idea which you are currently thinking about. Just add a purple shower curtain to your shower and see how it affects your mood in the morning. It is that easy.

As shower curtains cover a lot of area they have the ability to determine the mood of your entire bathroom. Are you looking for a bright cheery feeling or a cool subtle effect? You can get both of these looks in the same bathroom just by changing your shower curtain. Just consider how your bathroom mood would be altered by taking our your old vinyl curtain and replacing it with a novelty shower curtain.

What is available today

Bathroom shower curtains are a basic necessity when you use a bathtub – shower combination which is typically found in most homes. The main job of a shower curtain is to keep the water inside the shower area.


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When looking for a shower curtain there are a number of considerations you should identify prior to purchasing one. You need to know how much maintenance you are planning on spending on your new shower curtain. Do you want a synthetic material that will just drip dry day after day for years with the occasional machine wash or are you willing to spend a bit more time cleaning your natural fiber shower curtain to keep it in a good state of repair.

The quality of the design and color you want are important as some materials display much better than others. You should also consider how you plan to attach your shower curtain to the shower curtain rod. Will you be looking for hookless shower curtains or will you want to go with a more traditional look and use standard or decorative shower curtain hooks. Finally, the length and height of your shower curtain should be known prior to placing your order. For longer shower, an extra wide shower curtain may be desired.

Shower curtains are priced from less than five dollars for an inexpensive, thin vinyl curtain to well over hundreds of dollars for a top of the line color coordinated set. Curtains are generally made in either natural or man made fibers. The majority of the natural fabric shower curtains are made with either cotton, denim or hemp. The major synthetic materials used for curtains are polyester, nylon and vinyl.