A shower chair allows some to enjoy a shower again
Find the one that makes the difference for you

A shower chair or stool can be used by anyone who would like to sit down while taking a shower. While these chairs are generally used by the elderly or physically handicapped anyone with an injury or who is unable to stand for long periods of time could benefit from a chair that can be used in the shower. A shower seat offers the user the option of once again being able to have a shower instead of a bath.

Portable shower chairs can be stools, side arm, backless chair or backed chair. Some have pads while others do not. The ability to tilt such that the chair easily can roll in to the shower is a nice feature as is the ability of the chair to be adjustable, reclining or folding. When considering a chair, look for ones that have strong legs which have rubber tips or other similar non slip material on the bottom of the legs.

Also look for a shower chair that will not corrode and which is easy to clean. If you are by yourself, the weight of the chair and ease of movement with it is also important. Chairs are usually made of heavy plastic or metal such as aluminum but can also come with a teakwood seat. Shower chairs should be able to be used in both a regular or steam shower.

There are many a shower chair and stool on the market so when purchasing a shower chair make sure you get one that does what you want. My shower seat is built right into the shower stall and comes in handy more as a shelf or storage area than a chair.