Novelty Shower Curtain

Novelty shower curtains are fun

Climb inside your favourite TV character, place, scene or event

There are many novelty shower curtains on the market these days. Some of these are readily available such as ones featuring retro designs, outhouses, world maps, countries, monkeys, dragonfly designs, Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. Do you have a novel idea that you would like to see on your shower curtain? If you do, with a bit of looking you should be able to find the shower curtain design you are seeking.

Novelty shower curtains vary from season to season and from person to person. For instance, you can change the design of the curtains on your shower to fit the season. Have you noticed that Valentine, Halloween or Christmas designs all come into favor during specific times of the year. Some people may think having a one of a kind shower curtain, which features pictures they took, is novel while others may be happy with their favorite cartoon character or movie scene.



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No matter what you consider novel you should be able to find it. Besides the ones featured above, Amazon offers hundreds of novelty shower curtains in a number of designs and materials. Most of the major fabrics on the market including cotton, polyester, nylon and vinyl will make a good base for your novel shower curtain. Hemp curtains such as the Dream Designs Natural Hemp Canvas Shower Curtainare generally stained in basic biodegradable colors and are generally not suitable for a novelty designs however, having a hemp shower curtain, may be novel enough for some people.