Low Flow Shower Head

A Low Flow Shower Head Can Leave You Feeling Clean

and Save You Money

I consider a low flow shower head any shower head that has a flow of less than 2 gpm (gallons per minute). A standard shower head typically has water flow of 2.5 gpm as the EPAct 1992 (U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992) set an upper limit of 2.5 gpm to reduce water usage and save energy.

We recently decided to replace our low flow shower head and trialed the three shower heads on the left shown below. Our Kohler model was the 72418-G-CP and is a wand type shower head with a removalble wand. The one below is the same head without the wand.

We reviewed three different shower heads. Our comments are as follows:

Niagra Earth: a bit difficult to turn the dial on this unit to get one of three different flow patterns. The spray was quite enjoyable with a gentle spary which was not too hard. Uses 1.25 gpm of water.

The Moen was enjoyable with most people prefering the feel of this water stream vs the Niagra. This unit had no options in regards to spray pattern and consumes 1.75 gpm of water.

At the end of our reveiw, the Kohler is the one we ended up choosing. It has 5 different spray patterns and it was easy to change between each different setting. The settings allowed everyone to choose the spray pattern they liked the best. The flow was good and provided enough pressure to easily wash our hair. The product uses 2 GPM.

The shower head on the right uses 1.25 gpm of water. This is about as low as the flow goes.


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When purchasing a low flow shower head, always check the flow to ensure it is what you are looking for. Models change and manufactures can change the flow levels on their products.