Hookless Shower Curtains

Hookless shower curtains save you time

Tired of taking the shower curtain rings off?

The main advantage of hookless shower curtains is appearance, without the shower curtain hooks a more appealing, visual experience is obtained. Another type of curtain which can be considered hookless uses other type of fastener such as snaps and buttons to secure the curtain to the rod. In these cases, instead of the curtain having holes at the top it will have a piece of material which is placed over the rod prior to fastening it together.

Hookless shower curtains are held onto the shower rod in a different manner when compared to the standard shower curtain which uses hooks or rings. These novel shower curtains use large, flexible rings which generally have a slit in them to slide over the shower rod. They are easy to install and you generally do not have to remove the rod to change the shower curtain. One great feature of hookless shower curtains is that because the holes that hold up the curtain are so large, they are difficult to break and therefore if you have kids who pull on your shower curtain, breaking the ring holes, this type of curtain may be for you.


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One of the older style of hookless shower curtains had extra large holes at the top of the curtain which had to be weaved through the shower curtain rod prior to suspending it. Try to stay away from this type of curtain as removing it is time consuming. Most modern hookless shower curtains come with a flexible slit in the oversized rod holes and can be easily removed from the rod for cleaning.

While hookless shower curtains are relatively new to the market place, there are still a fair number of them out there. To have a look and see what is out there, here are a number of hookless shower curtains you can take a look at now. This could be the first step in redesigning your bathroom.