Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors add a degree of elegance to your bathroom

Thicker material makes these doors an ideal choice

Frameless shower doors are very aesthetically pleasing. They add value to your shower and bathroom area and really add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. They are generally associated with higher end shower stalls.

A frameless shower door is usually made of clear glass. These doors are normally made of thicker safety glass and are secured to either a wall or other part of the shower using hinges. These types of doors offer a higher level of elegance than a framed glass door. Because of the added visual appearance, these shower doors can add value to your house at very little cost. A frameless door does not have a tracking system similar to a framed one and normally can open both to the inside and outside. You can select the types of hinges and door knobs to further accentuate other accessories in your bathroom.


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Frameless shower doors generally last longer than framed doors and are easier to clean. You do not have the problem of them running off the track as potentially happens with framed doors and they do not require as much force to get them to open and close. Further, with these types of doors, you can easily access a barrier free shower which is designed for the elderly or physically handicapped.

To further explore the types of frameless shower doors that are out there check out the images above. As you view these doors keep in mind how they appeal to the eye when compared to a framed door.