Extra Long Shower Curtain

An extra long shower curtain can be up to 96″ in length

Have high ceilings, consider an extra long shower curtain

An extra long shower curtain tends to be about 75 to 96 inches long. Most standard shower curtains are around 70 inches wide and 72 inches long. These extra long shower curtains are used when your ceilings are high and you want to have the entire area covered with the shower curtain. They add more decorative value than leaving the space above the shower curtain rod empty.

Remember, when looking at extra long fabric shower curtains you will generally have to pick up an extra long shower curtain liner as well. When you go with just a regular liner, the fabric at the bottom of your curtain will keep getting wet and ultimately end up moldy.

Another use for an extra long shower curtain is if you want to increase the amount of elbow room you have between the shower curtain and the wall, you can move the shower rod further away from the wall. You can get the same effect by buying a curved shower curtain rod.

Generally, your shower rod is located directly above the outer edge of your bathtub. By moving the rod further away from the wall, you can increase the amount of room between the wall and curtain which gives you more room in the shower.


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Practically, you can get an extra 6 to 12 inches of space by doing this. However, moving the curtain rod further from the wall will raise the bottom of the curtain. Provided your current curtain is long enough, this will not be a problem however, when your curtain is short then you may not get a good seal between the curtain and bathtub resulting in water leaking onto your floor. In this case, you will require an extra long shower curtain.

There are a lot of extra long shower curtains out there so start having a look and see if you can find one that suits you. Most tend to be 84 inches long. To make ordering easier, make sure you know the length and width of the shower curtain you are looking for.