Curved Shower Rod

A curved shower rod expands your elbow room in a shower

Frustrated when you keep hitting your shower curtain

A curved shower rod is bowed in the middle such that it gives the shower user more elbow room while taking a shower. The curved shower rod comes in handy when you want or need a narrow bathtub or just want more room in your shower. In many modern homes, the floor space of your bathroom dictates that you have a narrow bathtub. When the base of your bathtub is narrow and you are using a standard shower rod located directly above the outside of the bathtub, then the shower curtain is generally too close to you. When the shower curtain is so close, it becomes annoying as you are always rubbing up against it. A curved shower rod eliminates this problem.

One way to stop hitting the shower curtain is to move it away from you using a curved shower rod. In this case, the curtain can be moved up to about twelve inches from you. You can either purchase a screw or tension mounted curved shower rod.

Amazon offers numerous screw and tension mounted curved shower rods. Make the switch now, you will be glad you did.


Another way to move the shower curtain away from you is to physically relocate the standard straight shower rod about one foot further away from the current location. This will put the whole curtain on an angle. Provided your shower curtain is long enough it will still do its job and it should be about six inches away from you. This works well if the bathtub and wall are the same length but not so well if the tub is shorter than the distance between the walls.