A curved shower curtain rod increases your elbow room

Crescent shower rods have an appealing curve

The first time I used a curved shower curtain rod was really a great experience. No more knocking your arms into the shower curtain as you wash. The one I used had about 12 inches of extra space between the shower curtain and the wall. You see, a curved shower rod is bowed in the middle such that it gives the shower user more elbow room while taking a shower. If your bathroom floor space is limited and you are trying to get in as much as possible, a curved shower curtain rod may be your answer.
Provided you have the wall space, you can get the same effect by moving your standard shower rod out about six to twelve inches. While this will give you more room in your shower, from a visual aspect it does not look that appealing. I have not found a tension curved shower curtain rod as of yet but I keep looking. Due to the curve, it is quite difficult to get the pressure required to secure the rod using a spring. Thus, you will have to screw mount your curved rod into the wall.

There are two types of shapes on the market. One is a long continuous bow while the second one is only bowed in the middle. Sometimes these rods are referred to as bowed or crescent shower rods. While they cost a bit more than a standard straight shower rod you will appreciate the difference once you have tried one. I know my next shower rod will be a curved shower rod.

While it takes a bit more work than changing your shower curtain, switching to a curved shower curtain rod is a great way to get a new look and add a higher level of practicality to your shower. You will likely be thankful that you made the switch every time you hop in the shower. Vintage tub also offers a number of curved shower rods. Make sure you measure the length of the rod you are looking for before you order.
I have not yet found a tension mounted curved shower rod, if you know where you can get one pleae contact me.