Round Shower Curtain Rod

A Round Shower Curtain Rod

Lets You Put Your Shower Where You Want

Turn a tub into your shower, surround it with a circular shower rod and curtain.

A round shower curtain rod can be used in any location. These simple curtain rods offer you the advantage of having a very inexpensive shower stall, as the curtain acts as your water barrier all around the shower. When you have a bathtub, which is not directly against a wall, you can now turn it into a shower simply by equipping it with a circular shower curtain rod and adding a shower head. The main advantage of having a shower with a round shower curtain rod is that it is inexpensive, can be placed anywhere there is a floor drain, and the look can easily be changed just by changing your shower curtain.


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When using a round shower curtain rod, you would normally not have any structural walls to worry about. Generally, these circular shower rods are supported by bars coming down from the ceiling although support struts coming from the wall can also be used. These types of rods come in brass, stainless steel, nickel or bronze metal finishes. Depending on the type of circular shower curtain rod you get, will depend on the number of ceiling supports you should use.

As the shower curtain will be your water barrier keep in mind that you will want a curtain which reaches down inside of the shower base. One of the ways to do this is to go with an extra long shower curtain. These curtains are generally 84 inches long instead of the standard 72″ and therefore give you a bit extra material to form a seal around your tub.