An L shaped shower curtain rod is for a corner shower enclosure

You will likely need a support rod to with this one

L shaped shower curtain rods are used for shower located in a corner. If you have a corner in your bathroom and are looking to turn a bathtub into a shower stall then you likely will be looking for a L shaped shower rod. These simple devices will allow you to utilize the space which may have been sitting vacant or allow you to plan your new bathroom layout. Other shower rods which you could utilize when redesigning your bathroom have U, D, circular, oval, rectangle and neo angle shapes.

As they are not as common as a standard straight rod, an L shaped shower curtain rod will likely cost a bit more. They generally require screws to secure them into the wall to provide proper support and in some cases, depending on their size it may be advisable to get a supporting rod or arm which is anchored into the ceiling and supports the L shaped rod. The corner generally will require a ceiling brace. These rods can be found in brass, chrome and nickel finishes.

If you want an L shaped shower rod for a corner in your bathroom, this L shaped shower curtain rod is sure to give you some ideas. You should get an idea of what is on the market simply by spending a bit of time online, then think about what you want and make it happen.


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