Decorative Shower Curtain Rod


A decorative shower curtain rod can finish off your shower

Enhance the visual aspects of your shower curtain with a decorative shower rod

A decorative shower curtain rod can bring out that special feeling that a plain old metal rod lacks. In today’s market place you should be able to find any type of color you are searching for as well as many different designs for your curtain rod. To make a decorative curtain rod, you can simply install a plastic shower curtain rod cover over your current metal rod and instantly change the color to suit your current requirements.

These unique rods are generally straight and feature designer ends where the rod meets the wall. Most use a tension system so that they do not have to be secured permanently to the wall thus not leaving screw holes in your walls.


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Decorative shower curtain rods come in polished brass, bronze, chrome, copper, satin nickel and antique gold finishes. In many cases, you could consider an exotic metal such as gold as being a uniquely, decorative shower rod.

Start thinking about your next decorative shower curtain rod. You should be able to get a feel for what is out there by spending a bit of time online. If you find what you are looking for that is great, if not keep looking as there are always more becoming available everyday.