Camp Shower

A camp shower can be taken when you go trekking

Portable camp showers can be warmed by the sun

A camp shower is a great way to get rid of that itchy hair syndrome which every camper has every morning upon awakening. A quick hot shower is all that is needed to rid yourself of this uncomfortable feeling. With today’s products, you can easily have a hot shower no matter where you are camping. The out doors now feels like home.

There are two types of camp showers. The more common one is a portable camp shower which you can take with you on hikes. These are ideally suited for backpackers as they are small (approximately 3 to 5 gallons), do not weigh much, can be hung in a tree and are warmed by the suns rays. A hose with an attached small shower head is used to pour water on the bather. The second type of camp shower is more suited for a camp ground as it provides shelter, weights more, is totally enclosed but is still portable. These tend to look like small tents and are similar in size to a Johnny on the spot washroom.

The main concern with a portable shower is how the water is going to be heated. Of course if you enjoy cold showers you have nothing to worry about. Generally, the water is solar heated with the sun. This is why many of the solar shower bags are black in color. If you are like me, the main wish when camping is to wash your hair. Having a small solar shower bag goes a long way to satisfying


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You can also pick up portable water showers and heaters which use propane to heat the water. These are genrerally heavier. The Triton Tankless Water Heater, can obtain a flow up to about 1.5GPM (6L/min). These systems need a source of fuel, which is typically propane, and a source of water. These would be used when you are driving into your camping site vs walking in.

You can see there are a wide variety of camp showers to suit almost any type of camping situation. Remember, if you are backpacking, the weight and size of the bag should be the main concern for you.