Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories can range from shower radios to chairs

Get the ones that help you enjoy your shower

Having a hot shower in the morning is one of lifes simple pleasures. However, having a shower with your favorite bathroom accessories is even better. Everything you want at your fingertips, a dispenser for the soap and shampoo, a shower caddy to hold a razor or sponge, a radio to catch the game, a shower bar to raise or lower the shower head to just the right height, and finally, a squeegee to quickly remove any water from the surface of the shower door leaving it clean and spotless awaiting your next moment of relaxation. Shower accessories are there to save you time and increase your bathing experience.

Elevate your Shower Experience with Accessories

While all showers likely function fine just the way they were originally built, customizing your shower to fit your needs can make you feel better for very little investment. Most shower accessories are relatively inexpensive and last for a number of years. While there are numerous shower accessories which you can purchase, the main ones are: shower radios, shower curtain rings, towels, shampoo and soap holders,  shower chair, shower caddy, squeegees, heated mirrors, bath or shower mats, curved shower rods and variable water spray shower head.

Do you want to get started designing your shower the way you want it? What do you want the experience to be? Are you looking for a quick in and out, dry off and off to work or are you looking to take a long hot shower to take your mind off of the days activities. Do you want everything to be nice and close or perhaps you do not mind reaching for things.

For instance, you can now get liquid soap or shower gel dispenser holders built right into the side of your shower stall or you can purchase an add on dispenser which hangs from the pipe leading to the shower head. You can also purchase a soft mat that you stand on to relive the pressure on your feet. Towel holders can be built right into the outside of your door or you can choose to put a towel rack at the far end of your shower provided you have a long enough one such that the towels do not get wet.

For those looking for added safety or a place to hang their squeegee, a handle in the middle of your shower comes in handy. It offers you something to grab onto in the unlikely event that you slip but you can also use it to hold the shower squeegee you use to wipe away the water from the shower door.


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Looking to save some time in the morning

In this category, having a shower radio can keep you up to date on the local traffic conditions so you can save valuable time by choosing an alternate route to work in the event of a traffic slow down on your normal route.

Another way to save a few minutes is to get yourself a heated mirror which can come in mighty handy if you are in a hurry. These mirrors are slightly heated to the point were condensation from your shower will evaporate. After your shower you will be able to use the mirror the minute you are out of the shower stall because they are completely void of water condensation.

Finally, consider adding a shower door sweep at the bottom of your shower door inorder to keep the water inside and reduce any water on the bathroom floor. This can be a time saver and something to consider from a safety perspective.