Showerbasics – Now You Can Enhance Your Bathroom

Tired of your old bathroom shower – we may have the answer for you

There is nothing like a really hot, steaming shower to wake you up, calm you down or relax you. Whether you take your shower first thing in the morning and are preparing for the day, in the middle of the day when the kids are napping just to relax or after a strenuous work out to sooth those tired muscles a shower is just a great way to get refreshed.

Of course the primary function of a shower is to get you clean. However, while you are at it, you might as well be enjoying your bathing experience. In today’s bathroom you can pretty much find anything you want to enhance your shower, why you can even listen to the game on your favorite radio station as you leisurely take your shower.

The great thing about most shower systems is that most people can generally make some modifications to their shower in a matter of minutes. That is the great thing. Want a new feel in the bathroom, simply change the shower curtain and add a few matching accessories. Want a pulsing shower, simply change the shower head. These changes are quick to do and do not cost a lot.

This website is all about bathroom showers. We look at shower enclosures and stalls, shower curtains, shower doors, shower curtain rods, shower heads and bathroom accessories.

Shower Heads – A new way to experience your shower

Shower heads can change your showering experience. The number of different types of showerheads on the market today are quite vast. Interested in saving money and the environment? You can purchase a water saving showerhead which uses significantly less water than a regular showerhead. Feel like a massage? You can get a pulsing water spray and alter the strength and amount of pulsing you get. Rain shower heads are also quite popular these days and allow you to immerse yourself for exceptional water coverage. check out our section on showerheads.


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Shower Stalls and Enclosures – The Basics

Shower stalls come in so many different shapes and sizes these days that you should be able to find one to suit your bathroom. Shower stalls or enclosures can fit into corners, tight spaces, fit two people, be designed for the handicapped, have multiple jet streams of water, have massage like water settings and be set up to deliver steam. Your imagination and creativity are the only things separating you from the shower of your dreams.

Generally, shower stalls consist of a base and three sides. Two common designs are the one piece design which consists of three sides and a base molded together while the second design consists of four pieces, a base and three sides. High end showers can be designed right into the bathroom and are generally enclosed with some type of tile made of marble, glass or ceramic. Access to the shower is through a shower curtain, shower door although some modern showers are doorless.

One of the variables you have when choosing a shower is the type of material you make your shower stall out of. The various materials sound different. I find the sound of water hitting a ceramic floor extremely refreshing. It is like you are in a spa and greatly enhances the showering experience.


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Shower Curtains – The Essential Atmosphere Changer

Shower curtains can be the focal point of your bathroom and totally controls the mood in many bathrooms. Shower curtains come in many different styles, colors and fabrics. They now also feature so many characters and scenes that you are sure to find the one that you are looking for.

Curtains for your shower are also inexpensive and easy to change. Are you looking for a bright cheery feeling or a cool subtle effect? You can get any look you want in your bathroom simply by changing the shower curtain. If you are looking to decorate your bathroom but are on a limited budget, or your carpentry skills are not quite what they use to be, changing your shower curtain is the easiest way to totally change your bathrooms look and feel.

While some large showers have no doors and use a lip or short wall to contain the water, most showers keep the water inside the shower by using a glass shower door or shower curtain.


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Shower Curtain Rods – Plain or Decorative

Are you tired of always hitting your elbow on the shower curtain when you take a shower? Then consider a crescent or curved shower rod. In the past, shower curtain rods were straight tubes piece of metal which were used to suspend the shower curtain. In today’s modern bathroom, this is fast changing. Today, you can purchase a curved shower rod which can add almost a foot of space between the wall and shower curtain. This extra space allows you to comfortably take a shower instead of always bumping into the shower curtain.

Also available are decorative rods, L shaped rods and double shower rods. Besides the standard chrome color, these rods now come in a multitude of metal finishes such as brass, bronze, nickel and black. Also, a simple plastic cover placed over your old rod can instantly give you a new look and feel. While you may just consider a shower rod as a functional piece of metal that holds up your shower curtain, many also see it as a decorating tool which can be easily changed to enhance the appeal of their bathroom.


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Bathroom Accessories – To Enhance Your Experience

In this category we are looking at bathroom accessories such as radios which can be listened to while bathing, towels to dry yourself off, shampoo and soap holders, to make reaching your cleaning products easier, shower bars which allow you to raise or lower your shower head, squeegees, heated mirrors, and other accessories you may find useful when cleaniny up.


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What we offer – Information to help you

When looking for shower stalls, rods, curtains or accessories in most store show rooms there is a limited amount of information on what to buy and the choices that are available can be immense. One store which I visited had over one hundred different shower curtains to choose from but few salespeople to talk to.

Before you decide to make a purchase to refresh your bathroom, make sure you know what you are looking for. One way is have an idea of what you want your bathroom to look like. Have some time of an idea on a bathroom design.

You can use this site in two ways, either to gather information and ideas to make your next shower related purchase easier or you can follow the links to the featured merchants and obtain information from them. We have searched the internet for a number of what we think are quality online stores offering deals on shower curtains, shower rods, shower stalls and enclosures. These sites should provide you with a number of options when selecting your next bathroom shower purchase.

Plan, take action and enjoy your modernized bathroom.